Santa’s 10 Best Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents

Full Christmas Stocking

Full Christmas Stocking

It can be difficult to find gifts for seniors. Tastes change and abilities change, so what can we do?

Have you asked your aging parent what they may like for Christmas? Sometimes the answer is “I don’t need anything,” or the more dreaded and guilt-inducing, “I just want time with you.” It can be challenging to find a gift that is practical and enjoyable to the receiver. Direct from the proverbial North Pole, Santa’s 10 Best Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents takes into account changing needs and changing abilities.

Yahoo! recently published a list of practical gift ideas for seniors. Each idea can enhance independent living. Here it is ….

Santa’s 10 Best Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents

“1. For an elderly loved one who lives alone or in an isolated location, a Medical Emergency Notification System such as Life Alert, MedScope, or LifeLine Services is not only a wonderful gift – it could save a life!
2. Large Button Cell Phone – such as the Jitterbug Cell, and the Jitterbug One Touch.
3. If your elderly loved one has a pet companion, a truly appreciated gift would be pre-paid pet exercising services.
4. Check with your local Barbers and Hair Dressers, many will do in-home hair grooming for the elderly. 5. Call the local landscapers and lawn care professionals in your loved one’s area and pre-pay for a season of lawn mowing and general lawn care.
6. Large faced electric wall clock.
7. Designed primarily for the hearing impaired, a flashing light doorbell and flashing light telephone.
8. Large Button Universal TV Remote.
9. Lap Tables, such as the ones designed for using a lap top computer.
10. Zippered clothing with large zipper pulls.”

See the full article here.

HOLD THE PRESSES!!! Santa has a Bonus list to add to the already great Santa’s 10 Best Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents
A website called provides these five insightful gift giving categories. Santa’s bonus list for seniors encompasses five critical areas important for seniors to work on to keep strong. Use your creativity to find gifts in these categories:

“1. Think Fitness First: Gifts For Staying Active.
2. Maintain The Brain: Gifts For Staying Sharp.
3. Get Smart About Safety: Gifts For Staying Safe.
4. See Clearly: Gifts For Staying Interested.
5. Emphasize Everyday Ease: Staying Vital and Connected.”

See the full article here

Use your creativity and try to find your aging parents a gift that is not only practical, but enjoyable. Santa’s 10 Best Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents directs you to ideas for gifts that enhances their safely and independence might be the best thing they find under their tree! Visit the website to find many other practical and timely ways to help your aging parents.

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