How to eat healthy on a fixed income

Aging and Nutrition

Suggestions to maximize your aging parent’s food budget. published information helping us understand how to eat healthy on a fixed income. The article reminds us that,

“No matter what your age is, a healthy diet is important. For seniors facing financial and physical challenges, shopping for and cooking healthy foods can be difficult.”

If your aging parents live a financially frugal life, sharing this information about how to eat healthy on a fixed income:

“Make meal planning and preparation a fun experience. Plan one new meal, prepare a new recipe or try a new food item each week. Look for new ways to prepare an old favorite.

Cook once, eat twice. Buy enough ingredients to cook more than one meal and then freeze individual portions.

Focus on foods that provide high-quality nutrition. Suggest complex carbohydrates instead of simple sugars – whole grains versus processed white flours and refined sugars.

Buy fresh fruits and vegetables when they’re in season (it is cheaper) and opt for frozen produce when fresh is not available.

Purchase lower cost, high-quality protein, such as low-fat ground meat, eggs, beans, tofu, tuna and dairy products including milk, cottage cheese, cheese and yogurt.

Buy store brands if you like them. Clip coupons and watch grocery store ads for sales.

Avoid or buy only small amounts of prepared foods, sweets and snack foods offer fewer nutrients.”

Read the full article, including more tips, here.

No matter one’s financial constraints, it is important to find ways to ensure proper nutrition for your aging parents. Helping them learn how to eat healthy on a fixed income can be a way to live healthier!

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