How to care for a difficult aging parent

Changing Light, Changing Mood

Tips for effective care giving

Some of our aging parents (ok, not just aging parents) face life with negativity, anger, resentment.  Overall, they may be a more difficult aging parent. published an article about how to care for a difficult aging parent. The article says,

“Learning how to deal with an angry or difficult parent may help caregivers be more patient and understanding of the feelings, needs and concerns of the elderly.”

If you can relate to the challenges of caring for a difficult aging parent, the article says that you may,

“Feel strain, frustrations and perhaps even resentment.”

How to care for a difficult aging parent:

“Step 1
Watch and listen to your elderly parent in an attempt to determine the reason for the anger or difficult behavior. Find out if a sudden noise startled her, or watch to see if her mood worsens as the day goes on. Perhaps she feels useless or is in pain. Talk to her. An elderly person’s inability to perform usual daily tasks or to remember things, or her fear and uncertainty about illness and disease, may cause feelings of helplessness. These are often expressed with angry outbursts, impatience, complaints and sarcasm.

Step 2
Watch for indications that your parent may be frustrated with his immediate or long-term situation.

Step 3
Encourage your parent to talk about her fears and concerns. Some seniors won’t want to discuss what’s bothering them out of pride. Others may not want to burden you,

Step 4
Stay calm when dealing with demands, criticism and anger; often, such emotions are a projection of an elderly person’s feelings of increasing isolation and inability to engage in what she used to do.

Step 5
Ask for help from professional counselors or health-care providers if you feel the changes in emotions may be the result of increasing dementia,

Step 6
Learn about professional care options in the event your parent refuses to accept your help and ends up not eating because she can’t cook for herself, or insisting you leave her alone despite the fact she needs help with daily living activities and chores.”

Read the full article here.

If you have a difficult parent, these strategies may offer hope and help. They also offer perspective about the sources of anger. Knowing how to care for a difficult aging parent can help you and your aging parents.

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