6 practical tips for caring for aging parents

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Patheos.com is a site devoted to hosting conversations on faith. Patheos published an article containing 6 practical tips for caring for aging parents. The article points out that,

“When you were a newborn, your parents prayed for the chance to make it to old age. They spent the first several decades of their life caring for you.  Until the tables turned a few decades later.”

6 practical tips for caring for aging parents:

  1. “Accept who they are. Sorry. Your parents are pretty set in their ways at this point. It’s not impossible to change at any age, but it sure is harder as we age. Don’t expect them to suddenly alter their life-long habits just because you say so.
  2. Prepare to be inconvenienced. This advice doesn’t fit with our modern cultural norms, but it is what it is. They structured their lives around you for decades. Now it’s your turn to restructure yours. Plan on it.
  3. Get good at observing. Your parents are changing as their physical bodies begin to slow. Don’t assume they can do what they have always done. But don’t assume they can’t. First seek to understand, then to be understood. Now more than ever.
  4. Embrace the power of routines. Your aging parents will find comfort in routines as more of life moves outside of their control. Do all you can to create and preserve effective routines that give some sense of security.
  5. Simplify. Everything. Depending on their mental condition, you may need to revert to basic routines suitable for a child. Even television programming might need to be simplified appropriately.  Just be sure to remain respectful, following the golden rule to treat them now as you will want to be treated then.
  6. Flex the rules. You tried to convince them to do this when you were a child remember? “Rules are made to be broken.” Now more than ever, it’s important to be flexible about the little things. The important thing is the time spent together playing UNO, not whether the yellow Skip card just got played on the green Reverse.”

Read the full article here.

Use these 6 practical tips for caring for aging parents to help you find balance in care giving.

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